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New “added sugars” labeling requirement could have positive health impact

The Food and Drug Administration’s new mandatory rules requiring labels on all packaged foods to include added sugars could have significant health benefits for Americans. Research has determined that the new labeling policy could prevent close to 1 million cases of heart disease and diabetes. And if the labeling requirements influence those in the food… Continue Reading

The one bill that can protect Social Security — The Social Security Lock-Box Act

It’s more important now than ever before that we urge Congress to pass the one bill that can protect Social Security – The Social Security Lock-Box Act. Congress has been ignoring the will of the American people for too long. And we don’t want to miss a crucial opportunity to pass The Social Security Lock-Box… Continue Reading

Help us tell Congress to “Protect Our Trust Fund” with your Social Security Action Kit!

With the latest Social Security Trustees’ report projecting yet again that without action, Trust Fund reserves will be depleted by and benefits cut by 2034, it seems Congress is not only ignoring the future of Social Security, but actively avoiding the issue entirely. That’s why it’s up to all of us—current, soon-to-be, and future beneficiaries—to… Continue Reading

Cato Institute: “A Real Lockbox for Social Security”

Here’s some interesting commentary from Michael D. Tanner over at the Cato Institute. Though Tanner wrote this in 2005, much of what he says regarding the state of Social Security is still true–if not truer–12 years later: “As we know by now, Social Security is facing many problems that will require long-term, comprehensive reform. But… Continue Reading

Sugar and the “Senior Moment”

Do you ever walk into your kitchen and forget what you walked in there to find? Maybe you’ve tried to look for your keys or a pair of scissors in the refrigerator a time or two. Or you’ve pulled the classic I’m-Looking-at-my-10-Year-Old-Grandchild-and-I-Honestly-Can’t-Remember-this-Kid’s-Name-Right-Now. Oh, the Senior Moment. At best, it’s just one of the side effects… Continue Reading

The Trustees urge Congress to act on Social Security…yet again.

In last week’s Social Security finance report, the Social Security Trustees yet again exhorted Congress to bring Social Security reform front and center–before time and options run out. For several years, the Trustees’ annual assessment hasn’t changed: the Trust Fund faces imminent insolvency, and the sooner we move to counteract it, the more choices we’ll… Continue Reading

David Asman: “RIGHT NOW the government is grabbing money from seniors’ Social Security accounts to pay for politicians’ spending sprees.”

This is money taken every week from your paycheck that the government guarantees is placed safely in a lockbox until you retire. But that lockbox has been cracked open, and the government is now stealing my parents’ money…and I assume the money of a lot of other retirees, as well. This has to stop. Earlier… Continue Reading