About Us

The Council for Retirement Security is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing and protecting the retirement security of America’s seniors by putting an end to the raid on our Social Security Trust Fund.

Through grassroots petitioning, nationwide legislative campaigns, and outreach, the Council for Retirement Security represents the voices and concerns of 590,135 friends and supporters across 48 states: concerned Americans and retirees who are tired of watching their hard-earned benefits dwindle and their Trust Fund slip into insolvency.

Our mission is to fight on behalf of every hard-working American who faithfully contributes to Social Security in return for a comfortable and secure retirement — but especially for the millions of American seniors who paid their share all their working lives only to be slapped across the face with benefit payments that barely allow them to keep their heads above water.

The Council for Retirement Security is also dedicated to spreading the word about the REAL culprits behind the uncertain financial state of our Trust Fund: the greedy politicians who spend our Social Security as fast as the payroll tax brings it in and leave us with worthless IOUs.

Our goal is to pass legislation permanently prohibiting these politicians from using the funds hard-working Americans contribute to the Trust Fund for anything other than the payment of retirement benefits, and finally making the Trust Fund what it should have been all along: a locked savings account — containing REAL assets — strictly to be used to pay Social Security benefits to retirees.