The one bill that can protect Social Security — The Social Security Lock-Box Act

It’s more important now than ever before that we urge Congress to pass the one bill that can protect Social Security – The Social Security Lock-Box Act.

Congress has been ignoring the will of the American people for too long.

And we don’t want to miss a crucial opportunity to pass The Social Security Lock-Box Act.

For years, greedy politicians have:

  • Raided the Trust Fund…
  • Created enormous federal deficits…
  • And wasted your hard-earned money on reckless government programs and pork-barrel projects.

Do you agree with the government policy that drained the Social Security Trust Fund?

And left senior citizens with nothing more than filing cabinets full of worthless government IOUs?

Do you support The Social Security Lock-Box Act – a bill to lock greedy politicians out of the Trust Fund?

If we stay silent, the politicians in Washington will be able to keep ignoring the wishes of the people who elected them.

And these greedy politicians will be free to keep raiding the money in YOUR Social Security Trust Fund and replacing it with a bunch of worthless IOUs.

They’ve already raided trillions…

…and Social Security is now teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

I’m sure you already know that Social Security is facing bankruptcy. 

Many reports state that Social Security will become bankrupt within the next 20 years — if not sooner.

And despite this information, greedy politicians have knowingly raided Social Security, using that money to finance wasteful spending sprees, and leaving stacks of IOUs in its place.

They didn’t care about whom that money was meant for…

…they didn’t care about who worked a lifetime to earn it…

…all they cared about was having money in their pocket.

Now there’s a movement to pass the one bill that will finally lock them out of Social Security.

And you can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to do all they can to make sure The Social Security Lock-Box Act never sees the light of day.

They know it will finally put an end to their reckless spending and theft of our Trust Fund money.

The Social Security Lock-Box Act mandates that the Trust Fund must contain real assets, just like any other pension fund, instead of worthless government IOUs.

And it stops the Washington politicians from getting their hands on our retirement savings.

The Social Security Lock-Box Act will:

STOP politicians from robbing us of our hard earned retirement savings.

SUPPORT Senior Citizens and stops politicians from bankrupting Social Security.

PROTECTour Trust Fund money and guarantee that our retirement savings will be there when we need it.

Are you with us?

Help us tell Congress to “Protect Our Trust Fund” with your Social Security Action Kit!

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