David Asman: “RIGHT NOW the government is grabbing money from seniors’ Social Security accounts to pay for politicians’ spending sprees.”

This is money taken every week from your paycheck that the government guarantees is placed safely in a lockbox until you retire. But that lockbox has been cracked open, and the government is now stealing my parents’ money…and I assume the money of a lot of other retirees, as well. This has to stop.

Earlier this year, David Asman wrote this piece for Fox about the “Doc Fix” and the effect it had on his parents.  

While by no means wealthy, Asman’s parents, Social Security beneficiaries, collected enough income to live modestly and comfortably.  After selling stocks to pay for medical care, their gross income from the sale pushed them into a category of retirees deemed “wealthy” enough to have their benefits cut to contribute to programs like the Doc Fix–a program Asman calls “dubious.”

This, he says, is a perfect example of one of the many ways the government makes promises to Americans and dips into seniors’ retirement money to pay for them.

It’s time to seal that lockbox shut.

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