Help us tell Congress to “Protect Our Trust Fund” with your Social Security Action Kit!

With the latest Social Security Trustees’ report projecting yet again that without action, Trust Fund reserves will be depleted by and benefits cut by 2034, it seems Congress is not only ignoring the future of Social Security, but actively avoiding the issue entirely.

That’s why it’s up to all of us—current, soon-to-be, and future beneficiaries—to force our elected officials to act before it’s too late.

The first step?  Making sure no one is able to spend a dime of Social Security taxes for anything other than paying Social Security benefits.

That’s why we need your help.  Today we’ve launched a brand-new grassroots initiative spread the word on the Social Security Lock-Box Act and show Congress how many Americans demand protection for the Trust Fund.

The Social Security Action Kit contains everything you need to get involved, including our “Protect the Trust Fund Petition” to all members of Congress.  Our petition asks our elected officials to immediately pass the Social Security Lock-Box Act before the end of the calendar year.

If passed the Social Security Lock-Box Act will:

Establish a Social Security Surplus Protection Account

And require the Managing Trustee of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund deposit all surplus Social Security taxes into this account, barring the use of these funds for anything but Social Security.

Simply put, the Social Security Lock-Box Act creates a REAL Trust Fund for our Social Security money.  By law, our contributions toward our Social Security benefits will be deposited into that account, and politicians will be prevented from reaching into it to “borrow” our retirement savings.

We’re asking all of our friends and supporters to sign the “Protect the Trust Fund Petition.”  Your petition will be sent directly to Capitol Hill to remind our elected officials that tens of thousands of Americans depend on Social Security and should never have to wonder about the future of the money they’ve EARNED.

Hang your Save Social Security sign in a visible place to show your support for the Social Security Lock-Box Act and invite your community to join!

The second important piece of this grassroots campaign is your “Save Social Security” sign.  By hanging your sign in a prominent place, you’ll be declaring your support for protecting Social Security and encouraging members of your family, office, and community to think about what Social Security might mean for them.

This program has been absolutely vital to millions of Americans since the day the first benefit payment went out.  Those of us collecting our benefits already know how impactful a healthy future for the Trust Fund is.

But hanging your “Save Social Security” sign gets your community to take time out to consider how important Social Security is to friends, family members, and themselves when they retire.  If we’re to have any chance of convincing Congress to pay attention, we need to rally our neighbors join us in fighting for this cause.

So if you’ve received our Social Security Action Kit in your mailbox, we hope you’ll proudly display your “Save Social Security” sign and add your name to the “Protect Our Trust Fund” Petition.

And if you haven’t, don’t worry!  We want you to get involved, too!

You can sign an electronic version of the “Protect Our Trust Fund” Petition and download your own copy of the Save Social Security sign by clicking on the button below:

Protect Our Trust Fund Petition

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