New opportunities to bridge the generation gap

Social isolation among senior citizens is a growing concern. After all, growing older can be a lonely time for many aging Americans. But different programs are popping up to help battle this loneliness.

UBRC’s, or University-based retirement communities, bring senior citizens onto college campuses. Living amongst the college community, going to classes and participating in social activities keeps seniors engaged and active with a whole new generation.

And college campuses aren’t the only ones bridging the generational gap. Intergenerational playgroups are bringing the young and old together, at a benefit to both.

The groups sometimes do crafts, helping both age groups hone fine motor skills. Conversations help improve memory and communication skills. Children who don’t have grandparents around, and vice versa, find a surrogate family member.

To read more about one group of seniors and youngsters who have formed their own playgroup, click here.

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