19 ways to earn a cash flow during retirement

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you have to stop earning money.

Maybe your retirement savings haven’t accumulated to quite what you were hoping. Maybe Social Security checks just aren’t cutting it.

Or maybe you just want to keep working! After dedicating so many years of your life to a career, this could be the time to take one of your interests and turn it into a side cash flow.

For the creative type, have you ever thought about selling your creations? There are all sorts of farmers markets, flea markets and community yard sales that welcome local entrepreneurs. Or by setting up an Etsy shop, you could make your product available all around the world.

If you prefer to work from the comfort of your home, there are many opportunities online such as blogging, customer service, survey taking or even teaching English online.

Or if one of the incentives of working for you is getting out of the house, there plenty of opportunities there as well. Driving for Uber can take you all over town. Or signing up as a mystery shopper lets you check out all kinds of local stores.

There are all sorts of jobs that could fit perfectly into a retired lifestyle. Check out the list below to read about these ideas and more!

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