We want to hear from YOU!: The Council for Retirement Security 2020 Social Security Policy Survey

It’s more important than ever that America’s seniors are heard loud and clear. Social Security is facing an ever-worsening financial shortfall–and thanks to COVID-19, long-term projections indicate the Trust Fund is headed toward insolvency years sooner than expected.

Our goal as an organization is to raise public awareness of a situation that stands to impact all of us–and our nation’s seniors most of all. If the Trust Fund is permitted to continue on the path toward insolvency, beneficiaries are looking at as much as a 25% cut to their Social Security benefits.

We also seek to raise awareness among our nation’s legislators, connecting retirees with their elected officials through grassroots advocacy. Our job is to amplify the voices of those who have worked tremendously hard to earn their benefits–and to make sure Congress prioritizes Social Security’s future before it’s too late.

That’s why we need YOUR feedback on our Social Security policy goals, and those proposed by legislators and Social Security advocacy groups. Knowing how you feel about each of these Social Security legislative proposals will help us make sure we’re doing the best job we can representing America’s seniors and advocating for Social Security beneficiaries.

So if you have just a few minutes, please help us in that mission by completing our 2020 Seniors’ Social Security policy survey by clicking the button below.

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