Second stimulus check on the way, seniors and beneficiaries WILL be eligible

In a bit of good news to finish off the week, it looks like COVID relief package talks, targeted to end today, WILL include direct stimulus payments to the public.

And most importantly to seniors, these checks WILL be available to retirees and Social Security beneficiaries.

Earlier this week the subject of second round stimulus payments was still murky. Pending partisan disputes about state and city aid funding and employer liability protections, it was unclear whether we would have a government spending bill at all let alone one including direct payments.

But nearing the midnight deadline to file a spending plan, party leaders have repeatedly assured the public that they will not be leaving for recess until an agreement is finalized. And in a statement to reporters on Wednesday, Senator John Thune (R-SD) confirmed after days of speculation that the package indeed contains direct stimulus checks.

Though we still aren’t exactly certain what the amount of those checks will be, it is being reported that they will be significantly smaller than the checks issued earlier this year. The final amount is likely to be between $600 and $700 dollars per person.

Following—and even expanding on—eligibility guidelines from the first stimulus package, Social Security beneficiaries as well as adult dependents will be among those eligible.

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