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The Council for Retirement Security started with an idea from our founder Rita Smith. That if Social Security was going to be protected it would need everyone’s help. She named her group the Council for Retirement Security because it embodied that idea. The Council is a collective group of people to fight for the same cause — Social Security.

Why We Fight

Social Security insolvency threatens the benefits and retirement we have all worked so hard to earn. While the program would remain if the trust became insolvent, the millions of people would be forced to work off significantly less than what they’re entitled to.

Social Security is not a handout and has never been. Seniors have earned their benefit through hard work and deserve to celebrate their retirement. Like Rita had predicted, if we’re going to protect the Social Security Trust, we’re going to need to do it together.

Stronger Together

The Council is a grassroots movement, but it’s building speed. As always, the greatest weapon in our arsenal is our collective voice. Providing a united front can be difficult, but this is a cause that affects us all and one we all believe in.

The Council provides that united front, with its Secure your Retirement and Take Action initiative. Signing each petition offered by the Council for Retirement Security helps the movement become stronger. Share your voice and become a part of the Council’s fight to protect everyone’s benefits. This fight against insolvency will take all of us, but if we fight together there’s no doubt we can win.

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