Flashback: Some People Say Stimulus Checks Cost Them Their Social Security Benefits


Today we’re looking back at a classic example of a well-intentioned action backfiring unexpectedly. Here’s a post we published about a year ago:

During the COVID crisis, stimulus checks were a big help to many people in need. This is especially true for those with disabilities who already had trouble working and making ends meet.

But now some people say these checks have backfired. That’s because the stimulus checks have cost recipients their Social Security benefits!

Many people have been informed they were paid in such an amount that the money is now required back. This could be taken from future benefits, or in some cases, could be required immediately.

Such a problem demonstrates that old foible of bureaucracy’s unintended consequences — where help is not truly helpful if it causes harm later on. What do you think about this? Should people really have to choose between help in a crisis, and the benefits they need in normal life? Should they be responsible for the errors and overpayments of bureaucrats?


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