How to Stay Up to Date on Social Security Benefits

How to stay up to date on your social security benefits
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As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power”, and knowing how to stay up to date on your Social Security benefits can certainly make you feel powerful. Social Security can be a confusing subject, and the mountain for political-charged talking heads don’t tend to offer any immediate clarity. So, what are the resources available to make all of this make sense?

A powerful resource is straight from the tap, the Social Security Administration website. The SSA is the independent, federal agency that operates and administers everything to do with Social Security. They offer:

  • Information on filing for Social Security
  • Answers to all General Questions
  • Personalized Tools to Organize and Understand Your Benefits

AARP is another helpful resource, offering over 60 years of experience in dealing with Social Security myths and questions.

In addition, you can follow The Council for Retirement Security website for information on Social Security and our work to protect it. The Council for Retirement Security’s Social Security Lock-Box Petition is working hard to safeguard the money seniors rightfully earned.

Staying up to date on Social Security benefits means never being caught off guard when life, economics, or policy try to interfere. Understanding your benefits, and how to access them strengthens your financial independence and, in today’s changing cultural and political landscape, can offer some soothing peace of mind.

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