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The pandemic has changed our world. Our routines, traditions, and perspectives have all had to adjust, and because of our efforts, our world has adapted. As we make strides towards ending the Covid-19 pandemic, we must maintain our patience and be flexible to change. This truly strange time has affected everything, and the Social Security Administration (SSA) is no different.

Social Security has weathered the economic turbulence caused by the pandemic; however, the in-person administration behind Social Security must remain flexible to the pandemic response guidelines for variants like Omicron.  

As reported by the New York Times, the SSA announced its plans to reopen closed field offices on March 30th. The SSA and its workforce unions have been in talks with one another. Currently, the plan is to reopen an estimated 1,200 offices across the nation, but it’s all dependent on final negotiations and pandemic guideline adherence. The initial SSA pandemic response has had offices closed since March 17th, 2020, but despite the office closures, Social Security claims have still been processed. The frustration comes from people with more specific cases, like filing for disability insurance, being unable to get clear guidance.

What to Expect from the SSA Pandemic Response

It’s positive to know that SSA offices might be opening back up, but we should also be prepared for the possibility of delays. Luckily, we can still apply for Social Security. The SSA website is simple and efficient. Creating a “my Social Security” account and profile will help you file a claim, answer frequent questions, and get your benefits faster.

Also, it can help you schedule a phone call, or an in-person meeting with offices that take appointments only. Reopening field offices quickly and safely remains a priority, but in the meantime, utilizing the technology will help with any immediate issues.

Reopening field offices is important, but what’s more important are seniors staying safe and healthy. Tools like the SSA website are powerful and can aid a lot of suffering and worry. We are resilient, but we also have enough to worry about without adding Social Security to the list. We have assets that can help. The Council for Retirement Security is defending the Social Security Trust and seniors’ benefits; so, when the world does eventually get back to normal, your Social Security hasn’t missed a step.  

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