The SSA: Appealing the Wrong Decision

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In a perfect world, the Social Security Administration (SSA) never makes a mistake. Realistically, mistakes happen, and the wrong decisions are made. Luckily, the SSA has a through appeals process, making it possible to revisit a denied Social Security claim and make it right.

Appealing a Denied Social Security Claim

A Social Security claim can be denied for any reason, and sometimes it’s a simple administrative error or a lapse in judgment. When that happens, you can attempt to appeal the decision to the SSA. There are four types of appeal processes available to you:


All reconsiderations are handled by new SSA agents, not originally assigned to your case. This lets a fresh perspective observe your situation, independent of the original decision.

Specific reconsiderations, pertaining to SSI and other questions, go to their respective departments.

Judge Hearing

If you appeal past the reconsideration, your case will go to an administrative law judge for review.

Social Security Claim Appeal Court Review

Following the reconsideration and judge hearing, you can further your appeal to an Appeals Court. The court can deny your case, and if they accept it, they also can send it to another administrative law judge.

Federal Court Review

Finally, the Federal Court is the last stop to appeal your denied case. If your case is denied by the Appeals Court, file civil action to have it reviewed again.  

If your case is denied you have a brief window to appeal. Stay vigilant and right a wrong decision. You help further by joining the Council for Retirement Security in their fight to protect the Trust against insolvency, letting us appeal for our full benefit.

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