What’s the Max Social Security Benefit, and How Do You Get It?

What’s the Max Social Security Benefit?

In today’s society, we’re always taught to go for the absolute most we can get — but what about getting the maximum Social Security benefit?

It’s natural that retirees would be interested in this. After all, who doesn’t want more money for retirement? It’s a fine way to make your later years more enjoyable. But what is this fabled top number? Just as importantly, how can you get it?

The number lands at a cool $4,194. That sounds great on paper. But the plan for getting it is rather complex.

You need to earn at the top of the taxable wage base for 35 years or more AND wait until age 70 to claim benefits. Don’t have the highest benefit? Don’t sweat it. Few reach this mark, and it’s rarely worth it when you consider what it takes to get there.

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