The 2024 COLA: A Deserved Increase, Not a Gift


As the season of giving blankets us with warmth and goodwill, the announcement of the 2024 Cost-of- Living Adjustment (COLA) brings a 3.2 percent increase.

While this uptick isn’t a wrapped present tied with a bow, it’s a deserved recognition for those who’ve contributed immensely to retirement.

The COLA isn’t a gift. It’s an acknowledgment, a rightful adjustment to help individuals, especially seniors, navigate the rising costs of living.

The 2024 COLA is Deserved, But Only a Start

Amidst the holiday cheer, it’s crucial to recognize that this adjustment isn’t a windfall but a necessary measure. Seniors have contributed their labor, expertise, and dedication, and this COLA is a means to keep them afloat amidst economic fluctuations.

However, many seniors, while appreciating the 2024 COLA, continue to champion initiatives for the protection and elevation of Social Security. They recognize that ensuring a stable, adequate income for seniors is not just a matter of deserving, but a fundamental right.

These individuals, in their pursuit of advocating for social security enhancement, are giving themselves and others a gift. It’s a measure of security. It represents the act of safeguarding the future for generations to come.

This season, amidst the festivities, let’s celebrate the 2024 COLA. But let’s not stop by just acknowledging the increase. Let us also be resilient and dedicated to furthering this cause.

As seniors advocate for higher COLAs, they give a gift to themselves and others. Their efforts help everyone, present and future. These efforts promote a secure and dignified retirement for all.

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