Want More Peace of Mind About the Future? Do This in 2024!


The new year is a time when many people think about the future and long-term planning. Certain activities lend themselves well to this forward-thinking ethos.

We often talk about increasing retirement savings so you can have a financially lucrative life in your later years, as well as peace of mind. But are the two synonymous?

Sure, money isn’t everything. There are certain qualities of life and retirement that money can’t buy. But it’s always better to be financially prepared for the future. This is especially important at a time when you can step away from the workforce and focus on your own best interests.

So how can you accomplish these goals? Nasdaq and GOBankingRates provide these tips. Some of them include starting early, which we advise as well. Some experts also say to save about 10 percent of your income each pay period.

Check out the full list and give us your thoughts!


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