Retirement Benefits: Where to Learn More

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Retirement is no easy feat these days. It can sometimes feel like quite the hurdle to find basic information about a topic that we’re all interested in — how to retire well. Luckily, an incredible resource on all thing’s retirement is the Social Security Administration itself. The SSA website makes your retirement benefits and all your other options easier to understand.

The SSA website lays out all the information about retirement benefits in three simple sections: Learn, Apply, and Manage. Each section contains several insightful webpages of information pertaining to that specific topic.

The retirement benefits section works to help you understand how to plan for retirement, what type of benefits you’re able to receive, and how to apply for those benefits. Once you’ve applied and received your benefits, it also helps you manage and keep track of all the information regarding your personal Social Security. Every step of the process, from start to finish, is laid out before you.

The SSA is your Number One resource, however, it only covers the basics. Ways on how to get creative with your benefits or how to avoid common mistakes that can lower your benefits are about how to make the process work for you. Information on those topics, and others like them, are easy to find on the Council for Retirement Security’s website.

For all your general retirement information, trust the Social Security Administration. For everything you can’t find there, trust the Council for Retirement Security. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about how to retire well is peace of mind.

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