Is the Social Security Eligibility Age Increasing?

Is the FRA Increasing?

Could the Social Security eligibility age be changing soon?

Talks are already in effect to make this idea into law. If it goes through, the new full retirement age would be 70. This is up from the previous ages of 66 and 67.

Advocates of this change say it could make up for the program’s shortfalls, and potentially prevent insolvency in the far future. But opponents say it moves the goalpost on the retirement Americans have fairly earned.

While those who propose pushing the age forward say that life expectancy has increased, nothing in life is certain. Plus even if a senior may live longer, they still may be ready to exit the workforce when they always planned to instead of working those last few years.

What are your thoughts on this change? Is it fair? Does it make sense? You can count on the Council for Retirement Security to keep you informed about updates like this in the future. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss a post.

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