How to Protect Your Social Security Number


If there’s one data point that you should always protect, it’s your Social Security number.

Even more so than your phone number, address, or driver’s license number, you’ll use this data point a lot in life. It’s also a prime target for data thieves.

Especially around this time of year, scams are prevalent. Here’s how you can protect your information and your identity.

Simple Tips to Safeguard Your Information

Even if you’ve never been targeted by data thieves, your Social Security number is at risk. Breaches happen all the time that see these data points stolen.

Luckily, there are many ways to protect your information. The first is to lock up your Social Security card and other documents that show this number. Keeping them in a safe place is crucial. Try a personal lockbox at home or a secure vault at your local bank.

When possible, go paperless when you have to share your number. Sites that are secure and trusted should be the only place you enter your number online. Digital options are superior to writing your number down, since you can’t follow the paper trail and see where your info will end up.

For an added layer of digital protection, try signing up for an identity guard service. Many anti-virus programs come with it, and it can monitor the dark web for your information, since stolen information often ends up there for sale.

In addition, always ask why you need to share your number if it’s requested. It’s best to not include it at all, if this is an option. Some sites and platforms can verify your identity in other ways, which is less risky for you.

Finally, sign up for a Social Security account on the SSA’s website so you can report fraud if it happens or request a new number if you need one.

We Protect Social Security in Other Ways

We hope this information will help you protect your Social Security number. We work to protect your benefits with our Social Security Lock-Box Petition. Do you support our cause? Then bookmark us and find us at the links below.

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