This Widow Could Lose Benefits Due to Social Security Overpayments


The problem of Social Security overpayments has drawn scrutiny from citizens and policymakers alike.

While reforms and recourse are both in discussion for this pressing problem, its consequences are currently impacting countless individuals.

Take this woman, a widow who was overpaid by $10,000. Now the SSA is pursuing her to pay the money back, and if she can’t, she’ll be at risk of losing her benefits from this year. It’s understandable than an error must be corrected. However, this seems like a case of a citizen being punished for the oversights of a bureaucracy.

Her son has pleaded for help. He said both their incomes are now tapped out. They went from being a three-income family to being in a state of crisis. Is this really fair? If Social Security is here to help people, how can situations like this be allowed to happen?

Share your thoughts on what should be done in this case and others like it.


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