The Troubling Problem of Soaring Medical Debt for Seniors


Medical debt for seniors is a common topic — after all, those who are older often have more health issues and require more care as a result.

But the staggering state of medical debt among U.S. seniors has reached unprecedented heights. Estimates say the total number is now at $54 billion.

While some would assume that seniors’ Medicare and other insurance would cover it, a more serious problem may lurk below the surface of this troubling phenomenon. How can we ensure older Americans can enjoy a healthy and happy life, free of excess sickness, debt, and worry?

Why Seniors Are Piling Up Medical Debt

As referenced in the above link, many seniors have experienced the horror of medical misfortune. And sometimes, the true pain comes after their procedure has been completed.

This is because in many cases, care providers don’t work with the patient’s insurance provider. Instead, the senior is billed for the entire cost of expensive medical care. This is often done without their direct knowledge.

The result is that weeks or months later, calls come — not from care providers, but from collection agencies. The aggressive, heavy-handed tactics mix with the confusion of the situation to create a nightmare. As if the monetary debt wasn’t enough, stress compounds like interest for those impacted.

Clearly, there needs to be a change in how seniors are treated. Some would also say the healthcare system itself and insurance providers are also partially to blame. We agree that a variety of factors play a role in this situation.

From our perspective, we know this ties into the financial concerns of seniors and retirees. How can we alleviate these concerns? One way is to safeguard Social Security.

Even for seniors who get their medical issues and debts lined out, it’s always good to have more money left over to cover costs and create a cushion. That way, if the unexpected does happen, the individual is better prepared.

Help us secure Social Security for everyone. Sign our Social Security Lock-Box Petition — it could mean the difference in seniors enjoying a healthier and more fruitful retirement, freer from financial worries, and more fortified against unexpected costs.


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