A Look at Some Instances of Social Security Fraud — and the Punishments


Social Security fraud is a serious problem, and it’s important to note that the justice system works to make sure those guilty are brought to justice.

Today we’ll discuss some instances of this problem. Social Security fraud represents a type of theft that victimizes both the person impacted, and also presents a risk to the collective group who relies (and will rely) on Social Security in the future.

Two Cases of Social Security Fraud and Their Consequences

A former Hamilton man has committed Social Security fraud, and is now sentenced.

The man, 51, currently in Washington, Utah, pleaded guilty back in February. The man made false statements to receive Social Security disability benefits.

He ended up getting over $70,000 total from this act. Now he’s sentenced to three years probation, with three months to be spent on electronic location monitoring.

In addition to paying back $71,456, he must also pay a $20,000 fine, and complete 150 hours of community service for his crimes.

A Eunice man was recently sentenced for admitting to stealing his aunt’s Social Security disability benefits after she passed away.

By rerouting the benefits to another account, he was able to keep receiving them. The Social Security Administration (SSA) discovered something was off when the woman failed to appear for a hearing related to her benefits. They began investigating, and this eventually led to the discovery.

Now the man faces two 37-month prison sentences and two 36-month periods of supervised release, each pair to be served concurrently. He must also repay over $49,000.

What do you think about these cases? We want to hear your opinions. Remember, Social Security theft is a crime with many victims. When the program is defrauded, we all suffer the cost.

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