Take the 7-day sugar challenge

The average American eats about 17 teaspoons of added sugar each day — way above the recommended average for men, women or children.

Just in time to coincide with New Years resolutions, the New York Times has come out with a 7-day sugar challenge. Each day of the challenge shows participants a different way to cut out added sugar. The idea is to develop healthy habits that can be maintained throughout the year.

7-Day Sugar Challenge

Day 1 – A no-sugar morning

Day 2 – Real food vs. packaged food

Day 3 – Eat Fruit

Day 4 – Stop drinking your flavors

Day 5 – Spice it up

Day 6 – Sweeten your vegetables

Day 7 – A chocolate reward

To learn more about the 7-day challenge, check out the link below.

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