Finding Purpose in Retirement

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There are plenty of challenges associated with retirement. We have to save, plan, and invest in retirement accounts, while worrying about number of factors out of our control, like inflation and a pandemic. However, the challenge that we almost never talk about could be affecting more retired Americans than we may realize. CNBC’s Contributor George Jerjian, reports on the challenge of finding purpose in retirement.

Finding Purpose

Retirement is a time of relaxation, but it’s also a time of change for many seniors. We walk away from the busy working routine we’ve committed too for years. Shaking things up that much can leave some seniors shellshocked and have them searching for a newfound sense of purpose.

To help others find purpose in retirement, Jerjian subscribes to a Japanese concept that centers on looking inward, known as ikigai. It creates a Venn Diagram with four categories. Those categories represent what your love; what the world needs; what you can be pay for; what you’re good at.

Using these four factors, seniors can find hobbies, passions, or new careers that fit in every category. Doing so can help seniors looking to recenter their sense of self.

Retirement is a time of change, and that might require an adjustment period for some. That’s okay because everyone experiences retirement differently. Retirement is supposed to be a different experience for everyone, all that matter is that it’s a positive experience. Finding purpose in retirement may be the answer, giving life and retirement new meaning that means something to you.

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