3 Reasons Social Security Benefits Should Be Protected


Social Security benefits are the retirement income that millions of seniors rely on.

For people from all walks of life, these benefits are vital to their health and happiness. Perhaps more importantly, seniors deserve these payments.

There are many discussions these days about Social Security’s potential insolvency. But no matter how bleak the situation looks, we must work to protect Social Security benefits.

Why Are Social Security Benefits So Important?

These benefits go out to millions of retirees around the country. While they serve different purposes, they’re important to everyone. Here’s why we must protect these benefits.

1. Some Seniors Live Off Their Payments

While these payments were meant to supplement retirement income in combination with private pensions and savings, sadly this isn’t the case for everyone.

Some seniors rely solely on their Social Security check to live off of. If these checks are stopped, delayed, or even reduced slightly, it could mean serious consequences to a senior’s standard of living. It’s why this matter is as much a safety issue as a policy issue.

2. Benefits Allow Seniors the Life They’ve Earned

Even those seniors who don’t need their benefits to survive still deserve them. After all, they’ve paid into the program for years.

Many seniors chose to delay their bucket list goals until later in life. Benefits can be used to fund these goals. Whether it’s travel, hobbies, or other, seniors should have the funds to support their ideal retirement. Retirement shouldn’t be survived, it should be enjoyed.

3. Seniors Deserve Social Security Benefits Paid in Full

Some seniors survive off their benefits. Others use them to splurge. But every senior has one thing in common — they deserve the benefits they’ve earned.

Remember, Social Security is not a handout. It’s not an entitlement, or a charity act. Seniors have responsibly paid into the program all their working lives. They deserve to be paid back in full. Seniors also deserve to have their payments adjusted for inflation.

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