SSA Pursues Man to Repay Money Issued When He Was 11


The Social Security Administration (SSA) is pursuing a 32-year-old man for money — but the situation isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

On the surface, cases like this sound simple. Maybe he claimed benefits incorrectly or made an oversight that resulted in over-payments. Sounds like a common type of issue, right?

If only. As reported by Forbes, this case is about a man who is being pursued to pay back money that was sent out decades ago — when he was only 11 years old!

How Did This Situation Come About?

For Roy Farmer, the man who is dealing with the SSA horror story, it all started a few years back. When he received the claw-back letter, he was surprised.

The letter came to his childhood address. It was addressed both to him and his late mother. While Mr. Farmer has never applied for Social Security benefits of any kind, he was alarmed to find out the SSA was pursuing him. Why, you ask? They demanded repayment for money sent out previously.

The $4,902 they were seeking was sent to his mother 20 years prior. He immediately assumed it was a possible scam. After calling to confirm, he found to his shock that it was legitimate.

Certainly, it had to have been an error then, right? As of now, this doesn’t seem to be the case. He’s been pursuing a resolution to no avail.

One reason he was denied a waiver was because the SSA determined repayment wouldn’t prevent him from paying essential bills. While this may be true, Mr. Farmer suffers from Cerebral Palsy. This is definitely some undo stress that isn’t making his life any easier.

What are your thoughts about this situation? Is it a massive blunder, or a miscarriage of justice? Tell us what you think. You can also bookmark our page for more news like this.


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