Can More Funding Solve the Social Security Administration’s Customer Service Crisis?


The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a government agency that millions rely on, yet SSA funding has been seriously lacking in recent years. And that has impacted its ability to serve America’s seniors.

This issue has only been compounded by the pandemic, and now backlogs of support requests have piled up. For every senior who is helped, another is left waiting. Plus, it’s not just seniors who call on the SSA for assistance.

They help with matters related to Social Security cards, numbers, and more. Could more funding solve their struggles? One group seems to think so.

AARP is urging Congress to boost funding. As of now, calls to the SSA can leave people on hold for at least a half hour. About a third of calls don’t get answered at all, and some decisions can take hundreds of days to process.

We agree that America’s seniors deserve better service from the SSA. We also believe retirees deserve the benefits they’ve worked hard to earn. So please add your support to our efforts to protect Social Security’s funding by signing our Social Security Lock-Box Petition today.

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